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Functional programming and React, progressive React, the front-end monolith & more

I currently apply my knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. Questions? Feedback? Let me know.
March 1 · Issue #46 · View online
Week of React
I currently apply my knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. Questions? Feedback? Let me know.

Getting hooked on React Hooks
Everything React — all about JSX
Is React Translated Yet? 🎉 ¡Sí! Sim! はい!🎉

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of React community members from around the world, React is now being translated into over 30 languages. 🌎🌍🌏

Learn more in our new blog post by @tesseralis:
9:09 PM - 23 Feb 2019
Taming the front-end monolith
Functional programming and React
Progressive React
How to fail at accessibility
Dan Abramov
A (very naïve) implementation of React Hooks that fits on a single screen
8:27 PM - 27 Feb 2019
How we built our React carousel
Serve adaptive components w/ Network Information API
Better web video with AV1 codec
Using custom React Hooks to simplify forms
React users must stop storing sensitive API keys!
Dan Abramov
I am getting reports that babel-minify can cause similar issues with React (4x slower runtime speed in production mode). Must be having some bugs. (If anyone could create a repro case please report it to Babel!)
8:39 AM - 27 Feb 2019
Create a react-redux alternative with Hooks and proxies
Gutenberg w/ registerBlockType(); No Webpack, ES6 & JSX
GatsbyJS w/ TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier & pre-commit Hooks
Alternatives to JSX
Announcing Apollo Client 2.5
React component performance comparison
Brian Vaughn
I wrote an overview of the data structures the new React DevTools uses to efficiently serialize a React tree and treat it as a "flat" list so that it can be rendered more efficiently with react-window. If anyone is interested:
5:55 PM - 28 Feb 2019
You can now use Expo APIs in any React Native app
Custom plugins w/ Fusion.js, Uber’s web framework
Formally specifying UIs
We need Chrome no more
Preeti Wadhwani👩‍💻
Today is last day to submit your proposal @ReactJSgirls
I submitted all my proposal! Finger crossed 🤞
Have you? ☺️
5:49 AM - 28 Feb 2019
Accessibility is not a “React problem”
Most beautiful idea in computer science explained in JS
Remote React jobs
GraphQL and Serverless in production | ReactJS Norway
Recursive Components In React
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