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JavaScript to know for React, logic-less JSX, Github Actions for web apps & more

Hi, I’m Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. Interested in React Native? Check out my other

Week of React

August 21 · Issue #67 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for React pros.

Hi, I’m Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. Interested in React Native? Check out my other weekly, ’The React Navigator’.

JavaScript to know for React
Template literals are like regular strings with super-powers.
Dependency injection in React
Example: async web storage, supporting find, upsert and remove.
What is polyglot programming?
Structuring your React application
Logic-less JSX
The input and its markup for this blog.
Testing async React Redux using Jest
Here is a basic example of what a <Search /> test might look like.
Write type-safe polymorphic React components
Basic knowledge of JSX.IntrinsicElements is required.
Brian Vaughn
⚛️🛠 A couple of people have asked why the new DevTools shows e.g. "State" for the useState hook instead of the name of the state variable.

It's a bit complicated (see the issue below) but something we are still considering as a future enhancement!
4:49 PM - 16 Aug 2019
Typing higher order components in React
Using SimpleFunctionComponent instead of FunctionComponent.
Enrich your dev space w/ ESLint, Prettier & EditorConfig
Github Actions for web apps
Advanced draggin’ and droppin’ in React
Addy Osmani
@rnebhwani Guess.js works with Next.js (a React-based framework) General React support could be possible, but would require a consistent way used by folks for defining routes.
6:34 PM - 18 Aug 2019
Trust your Redux apps w/ integration and unit testing
Modern React testing, part 3: Jest & React testing library
Only snapshot a part you’re testing.
How to create a service-oriented React web-app
V8 release v7.7
Office UI Fabric React
Native lazy-loading for the web
Rajat Khare
Great to see React Hooks support coming on Apollo client . I can see the code cut down to a third ! @graphqlweekly #GraphQL
7:29 PM - 12 Aug 2019
TypeScript-React starter
Announcing the Ionic React release candidate
Flexible and efficient React Store with hooks.
ES proposal: `globalThis`
Npm CLI roadmap - summer 2019
The history and legacy of jQuery
Daishi Kato
🎉Just released react-hooks-worker v0.8.0! Provides React custom hooks useWorker. Prior to this version, it was a toy. This version is something serious for production thanks to worker-plugin. #reactjs #react #javascript #typescript #reacthooks #webworkers
7:51 AM - 18 Aug 2019
The differing perspectives on CSS-in-JS
The (upcoming) WordPress renaissance
Next.js 9 release: Q&A with co-author Tim Neutkens
Dgraph's recap of GraphQL Conf - Berlin 2019
Podcast by Kent C. Dodds
Realign your React model after Hooks Realign your React model after Hooks
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