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Keys in React lists, styling in React Native, VR and QR with React & more

Hi, I'm Andrés and currently building developer platform Jexia.
March 15 · Issue #48 · View online
Week of React
Hi, I’m Andrés and currently building developer platform Jexia.

A complete guide to useEffect
Why do I need keys in React lists?
Hooks with React & React Native ⚓️
Released React Native 0.59 with Hooks and JSC Support to power android apps 🤯 @reactnative via @turnrye
3:05 PM - 12 Mar 2019
Components: delegate often and well
React has built-in dependency injection
React17: get rid of “componentWillReceiveProps”
Styling in React Native
Making an accessible web modal
Rendering large lists with react-window
Herman Starikov
I made a #react hook that makes components respond to mouse hover. Initially, I built it for my website, but now I think I might use it elsewhere.
2:04 AM - 12 Mar 2019
Keep up with Create React App (after ejecting)
Using exif data to annotate images in GatsbyJS
Admin interfaces in React with react-admin
React testing library: a trilogy of tutorials - Intro
Learning Links
GitHub - script-8/ A JavaScript-based (React + Redux) fantasy computer for making, sharing, and playing tiny retro-looking games.
3:49 AM - 13 Mar 2019
Recreating Spotify using GraphQL & React Native
Introduction to React 360
Integrating QR codes with React
Add animations to React apps with React-Lottie
Diogo Moretti
🐍 React Snakke – Reading position indicator for React.

⁓ Simple approach
⁓ Easy configuration


#react #lib #js
5:50 PM - 7 Mar 2019
Why we use Formik at WeGroup
Select a React Native stack that doesn’t suck
A JavaScript-free frontend
Why I don't use React-Router
Your front-end does not have to be rich
Laurie Voss
A major international bank accidentally published a private package of their own to the public npm Registry, took *3 years* to notice, and then sent DMCA takedown notices to Amazon and Cloudflare for hosting "stolen code". Now I have to pay a lawyer to explain this to them.
6:07 PM - 11 Mar 2019
A JSON event-based convention for WebSockets
Rebuilding Jumpoff with React, Netlify, GraphQL & WP
srikanth k
#freecodecamp #100DaysOfCode I finally finished my Random Quote Machine Project using React.js, it took some time to figure out JSONP to fetch Quotes from an API
7:10 PM - 8 Mar 2019
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