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Rethinking React state, React performance primer, Jest 24, CSS versus JS & more

Hi, I’m Andrés. I’m currently busy with building developer platform Jexia. 
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Week of React
Hi, I’m Andrés. I’m currently busy with building developer platform Jexia

Rethinking React State
A guide to this in JavaScript
Dan Abramov
We’re setting up official translations of the React docs (for real this time!) @tesseralis wrote up our plan in an issue.

If you have experience maintaining localized docs or already manage a fork of React docs, please comment! We’d love to work with you.
3:06 AM - 30 Jan 2019
Demystifying react-native modules linking
Pattern matching and type safety in TypeScript
React performance primer
Apollo and Relay side by side
Christoph Nakazawa
There is a common misconception that there is an entire building dedicated to React and React Native at Facebook. In reality, we are only about 20 people including management.
10:26 AM - 31 Jan 2019
React code splitting and bundle size
5 ways to animate a ReactJs app in 2019
5 tips for better NPM script organization
React - role based authorization tutorial with example
Manage state like Redux with useContext & useReducer Hooks
Set up a fullstack TypeScript application with Express and React
Jest 24: 💅 refreshing, polished, TypeScript-friendly
Amazing React.js open-source tools & projects of the year
Pagedraw open-sourced, brings artsy feel to React apps
Vadim Demedes
🙀 Basic @fbjest UI implemented in Ink 2. All of this is built with React components. Right in the terminal.

Reminder: Ink is a tool to build terminal UIs with React. See
3:08 AM - 27 Jan 2019
CSS and JS are at war, here’s how to stop it
The backendification of frontend development
From TSLint to ESLint, or how I learned to lint GraphQL code
Why TypeScript is better than JavaScript for functional coding?
Remote jobs
I’ve never understood Redux, so I rewrote it
Will Hooks help us build apps better? + react-testing-library
ReactJS Dublin #11 - Hooks & Testing
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