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Smart TV navigation w/ React, 5 Android & iOS UI guidelines, react-containers & more

Hi! I’m your weekly curator Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your weekend!
June 21 · Issue #61 · View online
Week of React
Hi! I’m your weekly curator Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your weekend!

Web best-practices
Smart TV navigation with React
Avoiding recursive useEffect hooks in React
Chrome dev tools is making it easier to debug page load issues.

4:25 AM - 18 Jun 2019
Add a WebAssembly component to a React app
Custom graph visualization in React - a retrospect
Mobile best-practices
Implement detailed animations in React Native
One way to properly manage nested ScrollViews
Derek Greenberg
React Native devs: read thru this useful thread about the Dimensions API. The static and dynamic examples referenced can be seen here:
5:13 PM - 14 Jun 2019
Fixing React Native WebView’s postMessage for iOS
Tips, structure & solutions for your React Native project
Web tutorials
Responsible JavaScript: Part II
Write custom Hooks to clean up your code
Josh Evenson
I ended up not needing it, but this is a great, simple react toast library from @cogoport! I'll be keeping this in my back pocket for later.
7:59 PM - 13 Jun 2019
Customized file uploading UI in React w/ Plain CSS
Using WordPress JavaScript APIs for fun and profit
Mobile tutorials
Sharing PDF files with React Native
5 Android & iOS UI guidelines for React Native
Nathan Shively-Sanders
Top 10 most edited packages on Definitely Typed for the last 2 years:

node: 254
react-native: 198
office-js: 146
react: 109
three: 89
mongoose: 88
ember: 87
react-navigation: 75
ramda: 70
lodash: 67

Here's the rest, though it's a bit rough:
11:10 PM - 13 Jun 2019
How to add a splash screen with React Navigation
Build a custom modal w/ animated API in React Native
React resources
Notes on Flow 0.100
Introducing react-containers, by Zendesk
GoDaddy Open Source
Excited to share the react-native datetimepicker, our first contribution to the @ReactNativeComm Lean Core initiative from @Swaagie @ReactNative
9:45 PM - 18 Jun 2019
Using MobX with React Hooks and TypeScript
Upgrade to TypeScript without anybody noticing
Announcing styled-components v5: beast Mode
UI as an implementation detail
The reduce ({...spread}) anti-pattern
Introduction to SwiftUI for React developers
Michel Weststrate
@agilgur5 @bretajohnson @grunin_ya Since answering this question doesn't fit in a tweet, here some thoughts on why a MobX(like) system shouldn't be part in React:

All IMHO, but pinging @sebmarkbage
since I'm referring to his tweet :)
2:01 PM - 21 Jun 2019
Micro frontends: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Forget component life cycles, start thinking in effects
Adopting Typescript at scale @ Airbnb (formerly using React)
Adopting Typescript at Scale - Brie Bunge | JSConf Hawaii 2019
A React accordion using React Hooks and no extra dependencies
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