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Styled React components, discovering patterns w/ Hooks, eBay MIND patterns & more

Hi, I’m your curator Andrés, currently building developer platform Jexia.
May 17 · Issue #56 · View online
Week of React
Hi, I’m your curator Andrés, currently building developer platform Jexia.

React's useReducer vs Redux
When should I start using React Hooks?
Styled components: what, why and how?
Updating state in React with Hooks
When Edge is fetch-ingly most correct
Giacomo Alonzi
Cross-Frameworks components, powered by Material Design and Omi.
| #frontend #developer #js # javascript
1:47 PM - 17 May 2019
Discovering patterns with React Hooks
Add a splash screen with React Navigation
What to do when your React app feels slow
How to make your first roguelike
Preact Project with TypeScript and Parcel
William Candillon
The 5 minutes React Native Circular Progress Bar
3:56 PM - 15 May 2019
Create a multi-pane drawer in React Native
Build a React timer component using Hooks
Your own React validation library: the basics
TypeScript 3.0: the unknown type
Microsoft launches React Native for Windows
Using itk.js in a browser application via Webpack
Cosmic JS
New GraphQL API Release 🎉⚡️

Updates Include:
✅ Serverless FTW!
✅ More Queries
✅ Mutations
✅ Playground

Changelog 👉 #headless #cms #api #javascript #nodejs #reactjs #vuejs #angularjs #graphql #webdev #apps #serverless #awslambda #docs #cosmicjs
4:21 PM - 16 May 2019
Uploading files w/ Relay Modern and a GraphQL API
Hands-on w/ Portals: seamless navigations on the web
Fetching library for React w/ Hooks. No dependencies
A conspiracy to kill IE6
A pain in the React: challenges behind SSR
Playing with interactive features in your browser!
Dan Juliette
A NeuroEvolution experiment Flappy Bird in 3D using TensorFlow.JS, inspired by @shiffman 's video on TensorFlow.JS. Agents behavior in 3D was very interesting. see/run code: other NE examples:
7:47 PM - 30 Apr 2019
Composite UIs for microservices: vertical slice APIs
How frontend devs can help bridge the design/dev gap
Create a dev environment to contribute to JS open source
Managing Animations (Sanely) in (Insanely) Complex Apps
Micro Frontend: the microservice puzzle extended to frontend by Audrey Neveu
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